PLT has a fleet of nitrogen pumpers with pumping capacities ranging from 90K scf/min to 180K scf/min and with pumping pressures capability up to 10,000 psi.

Nitrogen lifting is used to enable a well to flow initially or bring a previously not flowing well back on production. The nitrogen is used as a means of unloading and under-balancing the well to a situation where it will flow naturally from its own inherent reservoir pressure. Energizing fluids allows pumping different fluids and acid systems into a well while maintaining the overall hydrostatic pressure of the fluid column in the well bore below reservoir flowing pressure. This shall allow the well to flow back immediately after completion of the job without the need to a lift the well with coiled tubing and nitrogen. Energizing acid fluids also help deeper acid penetration and retardation of its reaction rate.

Foamed base fluids (aqueous based) using a nitrogen gas and foaming agents creates downhole foam pads for diversion purposes.

The foam diverter is pumped in staged slugs between main acid stages to divert acid into tighter / non treated zones.

Nitrogen high pressure pumping includes the following services:

  • Well unloading
  • Underbalance applications such as perforating and drilling
  • Stimulation / Nitrified fluids
  • Foam Clean-Out
  • Foam Cementing