QHSE Overview

Excellence in quality, health, safety and environmental (QHSE) performance form the foundation of PLT. Working together with customers and communities, PLT is fully committed to delivering safe, environmentally responsible, quality service across all of our operations.

Corporate Responsibility

PLT Energy Services is dedicated to being a good citizen to our customers, our workforce, our communities and our planet. This is not just a corporate directive, but rather a responsibility that every PLT employee takes very personally.


The foundation of PLT’s philosophy of “Excellence Delivered” is our commitment to quality. Through our system of well-defined and accessible policies and established performance indicators, PLT delivers safe, efficient and competitive well completion and production services. Our quality management system ensures consistency across all product service lines. Our employees are empowered to create real value for our customers.


PLT’s employees are our greatest resource. Careful screening of applicants and a rigorous onboarding and training process ensure that each employee is right for the job. We are also very aware that the PLT family extends beyond the immediate workplace. Employee families are encouraged to participate in our health fairs, blood drives and wellness campaigns.

Our Safety Culture

Our commitment to safety is a core value at PLT. It starts with leadership accountability and is driven all the way through local operations teams across our operating areas. Assisted by a team of QHSE professionals, our managers and local crew supervisors are accountable for ensuring that the workforce is competent and aware of hazards. Employees throughout PLT actively participate in behavior-based safety and hazard recognition programs.

Our safety values and practices are supported through open communication across the company, and are supplemented by our awareness campaigns to address any hazards our workforce may face. Our Total Recordable Incident Rate is well below the industry average and trending downward.

Environmental Stewardship

The preservation of our environment—our customers’ work sites, our own facilities, and the communities in which we operate is central to our way of working. While PLT has a team of five full-time environmental specialists, all members of management and supervisors are accountable for environmental stewardship and sustainability.


Our transportation operations provide businesses with unmatched transportation solutions. Our drivers are required to participate in ongoing training to refresh their skills and maintain knowledge of current regulatory requirements. Individual components of our training program undergo regular review to ensure they meet current operational needs and are compliant with applicable codes and regulations.


We’re committed to conducting our business safely, and in an environmentally responsible manner. All employees receive rigorous training, starting on their first day, to build awareness and compliance with QHSE standards. PLT maintains a full-time professional safety and training staff, and our drivers receive custom training for their roles.