Workover Services:

PLT can carry out various conventional workover jobs on oil, gas and water wells include:

  • Workovers of production wells – replacement of downhole pumps, rinsing of sand plugs across perforations, removal of scale or wax deposits, special completions (installation of rotary downhole pumps, downhole pressure gauges and bridge plugs), repairs of disposal wells and cementation operations.
  • Special operations – repair of leaking casing strings or wellhead equipment, including complete wellhead replacement.
  • General workovers – isolation of produced horizons, development of new and high-pressure horizons, special completions (packer assemblies, subsurface safety valves, etc.), well performance testing.
  • Completion of underground injection-withdrawal wells, including casing, milling, underreaming, gravel packing and final completion of the well with gas-tight tubing and packer assembly outfitted with a subsurface safety valve.
  • removal of uncemented casing strings and land remediation and reclamation operations.